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2009 Issue 2

Issue 2

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Cover article

Experiences with children  and families in difficulties



Goal attainment in youth care in the Netherlands. Effectiveness of needs led care

authors: Marion Welling

Try again, Sam

authors: Silvana Fantini, Sandro Scanavino

Casket Project (Progetto Scrigno): the treasure of the origins, the richness of the present, the well-integrated identity development

authors: Maura Zandonai, Nicoletta Poli, Sabina Grigolli

An approach for the link between social levels and child maltreat-ment by social network analysis

authors: Gillonne Desquesnes

Octagon-Octaplay: play group challenge 1963-1981 and child care training and play 1981-1991

authors: Rosemary Pickering, Betty Rathbone

The protection of children and families experiencing difficulties with a view to services’ cooperation: intervention strategies and evalua-tion of the process: The experience of the Aulss 17 – Este

authors: Luisa Betto, Maria Luisa Scampoli, Gian Piero Turchi, Angelo Mussoni

Offering a life project to children: an approach that is increasingly anchored in the practices of youth protection in Quebec

authors: Esther Montambault, Denis Trudelle, Jean-Luc Gosselin

Bringing safety and joy into a child’s life

authors: Liisa Heino, Päivi Salomaa

The impact of trauma on children in protection and care: an ap-proach to understanding trauma through the use of assessment and outcome measures

authors: Carly Black, Margarita Frederico, Annette Jackson, Trish McCluskey

Effectiveness of group therapy for sexually abused female adoles-cents: Follow-up six months after treatment

authors: Marc Tourigny, Leechen Farkas

Social inclusion of adoptive children and adolescents at school

authors: Alessandra Moro, Federica Elmetti, Michela Franchetti, Alessia Zanetti

Assessments in Child Welfare Service: Experiences from a model in-spired by empowerment and network thinking

authors: Dag Skilbred, Anette Christine Iversen and Toril Havik

The psycho-social treatment of the maltreated children: a follow-up study

authors: Antonio Maria Corato, Paola Baglioni

Implementing randomized experiments: an evaluation of multisys-temic therapy in The Netherlands

authors: Willeke Manders, Maja Dekovic, Jessica Asscher

Program design and evaluation for at-risk children and youth: pre-venting developmental impairment

authors: Maria Manuela Calheiros

Short-term effects of parental risk contexts in infants’ development

authors: Leonor Rodrigues, Maria Manuela Calheiros, Salomé V. Santos

A new service for early development promotion in an emergency care setting

authors: Salomé V. Santos

New practices for youth's residential care: promoting autonomy de-velopment

authors: Ana Martins

Implementation and development processes of a new service for long-term institutionalized youth

authors: Carla Moleiro

The risk of continuity of institutional culture: the case of the residen-tial care for children

authors: Federico Zullo, Paola Bastianoni

The Looking After Children approach in four child protection centres in Quebec: the effects on the evolution of children in care

authors: Marie-Claude Simard, Marie-Andrée Poirier, Véronique Noël

Differential evaluation of residential programmes for children

authors: Angela Torbay Betancor, Eduardo Martín Cabrera

Personal, school and social adjustment of children in residential care

authors: Maria Dolores García Hernández, Eduardo Martín Cabrera

Quality 4 Children

authors: Samantha Tedesco, Werner Hilweg, Christian Posch, Franco Colizzi

Social support network and adjustment of children in residential child care

authors: Eduardo Martin

Organizational ethnography of a residential service for out-of-home children

authors: Marzia Saglietti

The Veneto project to accompanying and support adoptive families: Padua’s experience

authors: Marta Macchi, Ilaria Parrinello, Barbara Segatto, Simonetta Valentini

The Webster Stratton Incredible Years (IY) Basic Parenting Pro-gramme: Parental satisfaction in a community group of Portuguese parents

authors: Maria João Seabra Santos, Maria Filomena Fonseca Gaspar

Intensive home visiting programme for multiproblem families. Back-ground and implementation of effectiveness study

authors: Denise Bodden, Maja Dekovic, Cathy van Tuijl

Differences and similarities between the experiences of mothers and fathers of a child with a disability: the point of view of parents

authors: Diane Pelchat, Car Lacharité, Germain Dulac, Valérie Bourgeois-Guérin

Crisis intervention for families: The search for effective elements

authors: Channa Al, Geert Jan Stams, Peter van der Laan

Biological parent implication as a factor of foster child social devel-opment

authors: Séverine Euillet, Olivia Troupel-Cremel, Amandine Baude, Chantal Zaouche Gaudron

Longitudinal impacts of a multimodal intervention program ad-dressed to ADHD children and their parental stress

authors: Line Massé, Martine Verreault, Claudia Verret, Phillipe Lageix, Marie-Claude Guay

Stories of Success and Failure among immigrant adolescents at risk: Developing a family/community based model of intervention

authors: Ludmila Rubinstein, Julia Mirsky, Vered Slonim-Nevo

Impacts of environmental factors on cognitive development of immi-grant children from developing countries

authors: Anne J. Choquette, Danielle Blanchard, Marie-Claude Guay

Homo-cultural fostering, natural boundary of the protection of for-eign children

authors: Anna Maria Giarola

2008 Issue 2

Issue 2

journal cover
Cover article

This issue is devoted to the international conference on outcome based evaluation on child and family services held in Padova (Italy) in 2008.

Findings from research  and practice

Problems such as child maltreatment, abuse, delinquent behaviour, social exclusion, problematic behaviours, deprivation and many others should be addressed. In the real world, on these topics, there are more problems than solutions, even if many people and different organizations have been dealing with researches on these themes for many years. For the conference, we chose to focus on the point of view of the children and parents in difficulty, living everyday in the conditions listed above. How could we do this? We considered these network an occasion for exchanging visions. 



Finding a path to the evidence: A research strategy for a therapeutic program

authors: Margarita Frederico, Annette Jackson, Carly Black

High-conflict parental divorce: children’s experiences

authors: Per Arne Rǿd

Adapting, manualizing and evaluating an evidence based CBT Group of intervention for youth with depressive symptoms for delivery in school-based settings

authors: Mary C. Ruffolo, Daniel Fischer, Sarah Fraley, Kristy Postlewaite, Shannon Hill, Dave Neal

Evaluation of the outcomes of secure accommodation in Scotland

authors: Andrew Kendrick, Moira Walker, Aileen Barclay and Lynne Hunter

Barrier to treatment in Shenzhen, China: a qualitative study on the experiences of Chinese families facing eating disorders

authors: Joyce L.C. Ma, Xu Wen Yan, Chen Xiangyi

Outcomes assessment in residential care: a long term evaluation

authors: Jorge F. Del Valle, Amaia Bravo

Parenting support within Child and Family. Evolution towards more evidence-based services

authors: Benedikte Van den Bruel

The reluctant role of the Federal Government in Child Welfare in the United States

authors: John Sciamanna

Reforming Child Protection Systems: policy considerations from an Australian perspective

authors: Robyn Miller, Chris Asquini

Contextual practice in residential care: the Cano projects

authors: Hans Grietens

Working with the family-context of young people in residential care

authors: Esther M.W. Geurts, Erik J. Knorth, Marc J. Noom

Changing directions for challenging children and their families

authors: Wendy Rose, Jane Aldgate

Family reunification of adolescents placed in foster care: intervention and research perspectives

authors: Marie-Claude Simard

Longitudinal research in parenting stress and behavioural problems in foster care

authors: Johan Vanderfaeillie, Frank Van Holen, Lenny Trogh

Agreement between foster child and foster parent in the severity of problem behaviour

authors: Johan Strijker, Simon Oijen

The US adoption and foster care analysis and reporting system and cross-national research on foster care

authors: Robin Spath

First results from the translation, implementation and researching of the Webster-Stratton incredible years (iy) basic parenting programme in Portugal

authors: Maria Filomena Gaspar, Maria João Seabra-Santos

Background. In Portugal the awareness of the potential of the delivery of parenting programmes as a promotion, prevention and intervention strategy to improve children well-being is growing, both at governmental and local services levels. The use of paren

authors: Kristien Lacluyse, Hans Grietens, Walter Hellinckx

Long-term effectiveness of the parenting support program Home-Start

authors: Anna H. Rutgers, Peter J. Hoffenaar, Jessica J. Asscher, Maja Deković and Jo M. A. Hermanns

Working with parents of troubled and troublesome young people at risk of care

authors: Nina Biehal

Mapping the impact of children’s advocacy services

authors: Andrew Pithouse

Foster care and sense of belonging: the voices of the children of the foster families

authors: Barbara Ongari

How do children fare in care: a longitudinal study of outcomes

authors: Elizabeth Fernandez

Pluridisabled child and his/her family in care. Autobiographical accounts of families about quality of social and health services and participated construction of an early care model

authors: Roberta Caldin, Paola Milani, Simone Visentin

2010 Issue 2

Issue 2

journal cover
Cover article

This issue is devoted to the Conference Care Matters: Transforming Lives – Improving Outcomes Conference, incorporating the 8th International Looking After Children Conference (7-9 July 2008, Keble College, Oxford UK)


Leaving state residential Care in Bucharest: what supports and hinders the transition

authors: Roxana Anghel

Aftercare in a Norwegian context

authors: Elisabeth Backe-Hansen

Formative and Summative Evaluation of a Program to Facilitate Transition from Care in Israel

authors: Rami Benbenishty, Anat Zeira, and Alexandra Magnus

Improving transitions to adulthood of young people leaving care in Romania

authors: Gabriela Dima, Dr. Caroline Skehill

Transition to adulthood for young Swedish care leavers

authors: Ingrid Höjer and Yvonne Sjöblom

Transitioning out of residential care in Jordan: pathways and outcomes. Emerging findings and recommendations from a doctoral research study in progress

authors: Rawan W. Ibrahim. Supervisors: Dr. Jonathan Dickens, Prof. David Howe

Pregnant pathways

authors: Bruce Leslie

Identity exploration in emerging adulthood: how does it apply to at-risk youths?

authors: Julie Marcotte

State care as a pathway to homelessness: implications for the transition to adulthood

authors: Paula Mayock and Nicola Carr

A structural analysis of young people leaving state care in Victoria, Australia

authors: Philip Mendes and Badal Moslehuddin

Transition to adulthood: the Equip program

authors: Véronique Noël, Martin Goyette, Marie-Noële Royer and Geneviève Chénier

How do the child welfare services in Norway work with young people leaving care?

authors: Inger Oterholm

Building a future together: issues and outcomes for transition aged youth

authors: Carrie Reid and Peter Dudding

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger": the self-reliant identity as resilience and risk among young adults aging out of foster care

authors: Gina Miranda Samuels

New transitions to employment – a biographical approach to forms of cooperation between rearing support services and employment promotion agents

authors: Wolfgang Schröer, . Stefan Köngeter, Maren Zeller

Islington Career Start: how Islington’s employment scheme has improved the transitions to adulthood for looked after young people and care leavers

authors: Nikki Smith

The transition to adulthood for young people leaving public care: international comparisons and perspectives

authors: Mike Stein and Emily R. Munro

Exit from care - developing a perspective

authors: Jan Storø

2013 Issue 2-2013

Issue 2-2013

journal cover
Cover article

This issue is devoted to the 7th International Foster Care Research Network Meetingheld in Padova, Italy, on September 9-11, 2013, in collaboration with Fondazione Zancan, International Association for Outcome-based Evaluation and Research on Family and Children's Services (iaOBERfcs), and Fondazione Paideia.

Foster care: specific issues and experiences


Outcomes and life courses of children taken into care

authors: Heidi Pohjanpalo

Fostering adolescents: how to recover the relationship with the mother thanks to another woman’s help

authors: Gemma Beretta and Germana Cavallini

What school means to young people in foster care in Sweden

authors: Lena Hedin

The challenges for family foster care of children in the Province of Bolzano: trend analysis 2005-2012

authors: Sabine Krismer

Motivation for foster care

authors: Skrallan De Maeyer, Johan Vanderfaeillie, Femke Vanschoonlandt, Marijke Robberechts and Frank Van Holen

Tie caring in the context of fostering

authors: Marianna Giordano and Chiara Capasso

Efficacy of a Flemish foster parent intervention for foster children aged 3 to 12 with externalizing problems

authors: Femke Vanschoonlandt, Johan Vanderfaeillie, Frank Van Holen, Skrällan De Maeyer and Marijke Robberechts

Experiment on a bilingual cross cultural approach in a foster care situation: an access to childhood’s memories (segregated systems) of maternal grandfather’s foster care family

authors: Fabrizio Gori

Disinterest of child protection for kinship care in the north of France

authors: Bernadette Tillard and Lille University

Constructing grounded theory focused on youth’s rights in residential care

authors: Eunice Magalhães and Maria Manuela Calheiros

Participatory planning: Involvement as an outcome

authors: Massimiliano Ferrua

Vulnerable young people in Israel: Their stories about transition to adulthood

authors: Anat Zeira

Overview of programs aiming to increase the involvement of birth parents in foster care

authors: Marijke Robberechts, Johan Vanderfaeillie, Frank Van Holen, Skrällan De Maeyer and Femke Vanschoonlandt

Preventing child placement through the help between families. The experience of family helpers in the program P.I.P.P.I.

authors: Marco Ius, Sara Serbati, Diego Di Masi, Ombretta Zanon, Adriana Ciampa, Raffaele Tangorra and Paola Milani

Family relationships in a sample of non relative foster families from Madrid: The representation of the family «confines» and the place of the birth family

authors: María Teresa Díaz Tártalo

Foster care in Portugal. Evidence of the present, challenges for the future

authors: Paulo Delgado, João Carvalho and Vânia S. Pinto

Foster care as outcome strategy of deinstitutionalization process in Croatia

authors: Antonija Zizak, Ivana Jedud Boric and Ivana Maurovic

Changes in the nature and sequence of placements experienced by children in care in England and Wales 1980-2010

authors: Roger Bullock

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