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2013 Issue 2-2013

Issue 2-2013

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This issue is devoted to the 7th International Foster Care Research Network Meetingheld in Padova, Italy, on September 9-11, 2013, in collaboration with Fondazione Zancan, International Association for Outcome-based Evaluation and Research on Family and Children's Services (iaOBERfcs), and Fondazione Paideia.

Foster care: specific issues and experiences


Outcomes and life courses of children taken into care

authors: Heidi Pohjanpalo

Fostering adolescents: how to recover the relationship with the mother thanks to another woman’s help

authors: Gemma Beretta and Germana Cavallini

What school means to young people in foster care in Sweden

authors: Lena Hedin

The challenges for family foster care of children in the Province of Bolzano: trend analysis 2005-2012

authors: Sabine Krismer

Motivation for foster care

authors: Skrallan De Maeyer, Johan Vanderfaeillie, Femke Vanschoonlandt, Marijke Robberechts and Frank Van Holen

Tie caring in the context of fostering

authors: Marianna Giordano and Chiara Capasso

Efficacy of a Flemish foster parent intervention for foster children aged 3 to 12 with externalizing problems

authors: Femke Vanschoonlandt, Johan Vanderfaeillie, Frank Van Holen, Skrällan De Maeyer and Marijke Robberechts

Experiment on a bilingual cross cultural approach in a foster care situation: an access to childhood’s memories (segregated systems) of maternal grandfather’s foster care family

authors: Fabrizio Gori

Disinterest of child protection for kinship care in the north of France

authors: Bernadette Tillard and Lille University

Constructing grounded theory focused on youth’s rights in residential care

authors: Eunice Magalhães and Maria Manuela Calheiros

Participatory planning: Involvement as an outcome

authors: Massimiliano Ferrua

Vulnerable young people in Israel: Their stories about transition to adulthood

authors: Anat Zeira

Overview of programs aiming to increase the involvement of birth parents in foster care

authors: Marijke Robberechts, Johan Vanderfaeillie, Frank Van Holen, Skrällan De Maeyer and Femke Vanschoonlandt

Preventing child placement through the help between families. The experience of family helpers in the program P.I.P.P.I.

authors: Marco Ius, Sara Serbati, Diego Di Masi, Ombretta Zanon, Adriana Ciampa, Raffaele Tangorra and Paola Milani

Family relationships in a sample of non relative foster families from Madrid: The representation of the family «confines» and the place of the birth family

authors: María Teresa Díaz Tártalo

Foster care in Portugal. Evidence of the present, challenges for the future

authors: Paulo Delgado, João Carvalho and Vânia S. Pinto

Foster care as outcome strategy of deinstitutionalization process in Croatia

authors: Antonija Zizak, Ivana Jedud Boric and Ivana Maurovic

Changes in the nature and sequence of placements experienced by children in care in England and Wales 1980-2010

authors: Roger Bullock

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